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Композиция: 14 opening / 14 опенинг

Исполнитель: Ван Пис/One Piece

Просмотрено: 780

Добавлен mp3: 2015-08-13

Длительность: 04:15


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Текст песни:

Rise in the morning, Let's set out- right before dawn
Back on that journey- full of unforeseen tomorrows
It's our choice- one we do not, regret.
(Oh I know what I’m supposed to do now)

It doesn't matter- what trials, lie ahead,
Nothing can stop- this beating heart- and it says,
That there's only one place, to go
(Fly to the light)

Through thick an' thin our bond's been forged through battle! (That's right)
You think you'll break it but OH- you've got it coming now! (That's right)
These clenched up fists will bring you down on your knees- I swear it,
An' you'll call me king!

We're ready to go!
The brand new world we've waited for is calling!
I want you to know though-
That seas can't spilt us- world can't hit us,
'cuz we're invincible!
Just trust in me, and we will see
The things we've set our minds to be
But just don't forget-
We Fight Together!

I've never lost those memories
Of the vast blue sky- taunting me with words of treasure, and ad-venture
Since then I know that we have come a long way,
Each of our hearts a diff'rent pledge- a diff'rent say
As for mine, there's no doubt,
These things are with us forever...

The sun will rise
It's rays will brighten- 'our days- will lighten- surely
This- I believe in,
The present guides us, 'future binds us, 'till- we are one piece
The dawn has come, let's get things done
You are my crew- 'can't replace you
But just don't forget-
We fight together.

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