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Композиция: Step Up

Исполнитель: Linkin Park

Просмотрено: 518

Добавлен mp3: 2015-12-07

Длительность: 03:51


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Текст песни:

Watch as the room rocks
Mentally moonwalk
Mixed media slang
Banging in your boom box verbal violence
Lyrical stylist
In a time when rock hip hop rhymes are childish
You can? t tempt me with rhymes that are empty
Rapping to a beat doesn? t make you an emcee
With your lack of skill and facility
You? re killing me
And a DJ in the group just for credibility
I heard that some of you are getting help with your rhymes
You? re not an emcee if someone else writes your lines
And rapping over rock doesn? t make you a pioneer
Cause rock and hip hop have collaborated for years
But now they? re getting randomly mixed and matched up
All after a fast buck and all the tracks suck
So how does it stack up? None of it? s real
You want to be an emcee you? ve got to study the skill

Who can rock a rhyme like this?
Bring it to you every time like this? (2x)
Step, step up, step, step up

So you pick up a pen and write yourself a new identity
But mentally you don? t have the hip hop energy
With a tendency to make up stories
Sounding like the only hip hop you? ve heard is top 40
And your record company is completely missing it
All the kids are dissing it for not being legitimate
So in a battle you can

Клип [Linkin Park] - "Step Up/Nobodys Listening/It's Going Down"

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