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Композиция: Deuce - America (FULL SONG)

Исполнитель: 9Lives

Просмотрено: 791

Добавлен mp3: 2015-07-22

Длительность: 03:18


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Текст песни:

Chorus x2
They wanna see blood!
They wanna see hate!
Like a needl in your vein,
A sickness with no name!
In a world that's insane,
Was American to blame,
When you're prayin' for a change,
To a God with no face?

You tell what to say, 'cause l've got one religion,
And l've got one decision, its a big Fuck You.
I can see it in your face, every month and every day,
Every time you hear my name my middle finger's up too.
You think I owe you, but I ain't got no room,
For these hoe's caise they're no good,
I ain't livin vy your own rule.
You're gettin' older, you're gettin' licked and you've known it,
And you wanna get noticed, but you're so slowly...

Chorus x2

Eenie-meenie-minie-moe, each one of you's gonna know,
You're time is comin' soon, 'cause there ain't enough room,
In this world for us too. Yeah, I haye to break the news,
But I'm breakin' in this music to the world know who,
Who you've been using, who you're abusing,
Its the suit that you're foolin', but you know that you're useless,
So he's actng so ruthless, deep inside you're just ruined,
'Cause I keep on movin'to show you the truth, bitch.

Chorus x2

Why can't you DIE?!
Mutha Fucka, just DIE!!!
No more good BYES!!!
Just Fuckin' DIE!!!

Chorus x2

Клип Deuce 9lives America full song (new)

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