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2pac Fight Music Feat. Xzibit - перевод песни fight music

Вы попали на страницу, где можете как скачать песню 2pac - Fight Music Feat. Xzibit mp3 на высокой скорости, так и прослушать её онлайн в хорошем качестве

Композиция: Fight Music (Feat. Xzibit)

Исполнитель: 2pac

Просмотрено: 706

Добавлен mp3: 2016-12-27

Длительность: 02:40


Все песни 2pac
Текст песни:

(Makaveli Talkin)

You know what? When you said that last time
I was kind a trippin right, but now
your right, I am crazy
but you know what else? I dont give a fuck

(Verse 1 Makaveli)
Check it out
Is it, money or women to funny beginnings, tragic endings
I can make a million and STILL not get enough of spending
And since my life is based on sinnin, I'm hellbound
Rather be buried than be worried, livin held down
My game plan to be trained and, military
Mind of a Thug Lord, sittin in the cemetary
Cryin, I've been lost since my adolescence, callin to Jesus
Ballin as a youngster, wonderin if he sees us
Young black male, crack sales got me three strikes
Livin in jail, this is hell, enemies die
Wonder when we all pass is anybody listenin?
Got my, hands on my semi shotty, everybody's bitchin
Please God can you understand me, bless my family
Guide us all, before we fall into insanity
I make it a point, to make my peep bumpin warlike
Drop some shit, to any stupid bitches jaws tight

Go, niggas wanna get it on that's right
i got some niggas in my click that make thay
mother fucking jaws tight now
Go, niggas wanna get it on that's right
[ Find more Lyrics at www.mp3lyrics.org/jdh ]
i got some niggas in my click that make
thay mother fucking jaws tight

(Makaveli Talkin)
You gotta snatch some collars, and let them mother fuckers know
You that ?, remember, out

(Verse 2 XZibit)
The love is lost,
The gloves is off so figure,
What side you rather be on, the barrel or the trigger,
A gang of niggaz talking the talk,
But ain't walking the straight line,
They trying to hide behind the one time.
Fuck being scared and constantly with security,
I ain't afraid of whatever you faggots try to do to me,
Shoot at me, try to corner me, orderlies try to get at me,
Flip it like fake identities, sticking it to my enemies.
And have you running for ur motherfucking lives,
Till they put me in a courtroom fighting for mine,
The only reason I got foes that used to be friends,
When niggaz mumble under their breathe, I'm under thier skin.
I pray for the strength to handle what my city bring,
Better stand for something, or your bound to fall for anything,
The pitfalls, the pot holes, I spit flows
that generate straight crack sales, we
got those,
One hitter quitter split a nigga like a embryo,
Bring it to your crib, to your kids, to your vidoe shoot.
Give me the loot, my dudes all paid up,
The half assed getting rat packed and sprayed up,
You say "What?", speak up punk I can't hear you,
Your transparent, rentals rap, I'm seeing clear through,
Pray for my down fall, talk like hoes,
Mister Rap Rap the Gauge and kick in the door,
And motherfuckiers saying I can't rap no more,
Like one monkey gonna stop the show.
Lets go!

Клип 2Pac feat. Xzibit - Fight Music With Lyrics

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