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Композиция: Burning Bridges

Исполнитель: Blue Stahli

Просмотрено: 918

Добавлен mp3: 2016-10-10

Длительность: 03:28


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Текст песни:

So love is a border town abortion
Eliminate everything I thought that I knew
I'm blindsided by a genocide decision
I'm just a bit jilted and giving the devil her due

Sucked in by insincerity
(It's what you wanted this is what you will get)
Fucked by indulgent vanity
(It's what you wanted this is what you will get)

So shallow
So hollow
Not buying what you're trying to sell

Well so long
And farewell
It's not goodbye because
I'll see you in Hell
See you in Hell

You deserve every bit of what you're getting
I'm burning the bridge but you started the flame
If you think that this is all a bit excessive
The empathy and the integrity match what you gave

I can't wash out your aftertaste
(It's what you wanted this is what you will get)
From when you showed your second face
(It's what you wanted this is what you will get)

In full devotion
I forgot my fears to comfort yours
I guess recovery means
You don't need me anymore

Well so long
And farewell
You only loved yourself

Клип Blue Stahli - Burning Bridges [lyric video]

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