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Композиция: If I fall in love with you

Исполнитель: Bitles в новой обработке

Просмотрено: 418

Добавлен mp3: 2015-12-05

Длительность: 02:40


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Текст песни:

If I fell in love with you

Would you promise to be true

And help me understand

'Cause I've been in love before

And I found that love was more

Than just holding hands

If I give my heart to you

I must be sure

From the very start

That you would love me more than her

If I trust in you oh please

Don't run and hide

If I love you too oh please

Don't hurt my pride like her

'Cause I couldn't stand the pain

And I would be sad if our new love was in vain

So I hope you see that I

Would love to love you

And that she will cry

When she learns we are two

If I fell in love with you


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